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July 5-11, 2021

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2021 Participating Restaurants

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Lexington Burger Week 2021 Dining Key

Curbside/Take Out/DriveThru = T

Dine In = I

Patio/Outdoor Seating = O

Delivery = D

Braxton Brewing Co. Pairing = B

Veggie Burger Option = V

Agave & Rye

Baby Got Mac Burger

Two beef burger patties topped with mac and cheese, Vinnie sauce, tobacco onions, and garlic aioli on a brioche bun. T, I, O

3535 Nicholasville Rd (Fayette Mall)

Bear & The Butcher

Pig Mac 'n' Cheese Burger

1/4 pound angus beef patty topped with Bear's brew-braised pulled pork, white cheddar mac & cheese, and kettle chips finished with a spicy sriracha drizzle served on grilled Brioche bun. I, O, B

815 Euclid Avenue

Burger Fi

Fayette Mall, Hamburg

& UK Campus

Summer BBQ Brisket Burger

Natural Angus patty topped with white cheddar cheese, shredded brisket lightly seasoned with Cattleman’s BBQ sauce, crispy slaw, and pickle chips served on a BurgerFi branded bun.

T, I, B, Outdoor available at Hamburg

1816 Alysheba Way (Hamburg)

391 Rose Street (UK Campus)

Drake's - Lansdowne

All "B" It Burger

A fresh, never frozen patty topped with blueberry bourbon BBQ sauce, creamy brie, smoked bacon, and citrus-splashed arugula on a butter-toasted roll. I, 0  

3347 Tates Creek Road

Goodwood Lexington

Poppin' Pimento Burger

Beef burger patty with house made spicy pimento cheese, lettuce, pickles and bacon, topped with a jalapeno popper. I, O, V

200 Lexington Green Cir. Suite 110

Harry's - Palomar

Ham & Brie

A fresh, never frozen patty with smoked ham, creamy brie, blue cheese and orange marmalade mayo on a butter-toasted roll. I, O

3735 Palomar Centre Drive

La Petite Delicat

The Maple Piglet &
Sweetburger in Paradise

(comes with one of each in two pack)

Maple Piglet: Macaron filled with maple buttercream, garnished with shredded coconut and crunchy white chocolate, topped with candied bacon.

Sweetburger in Paradise: Macaron filled with passion fruit ganache drizzled with raspberry jam, garnished with shredded coconut and crunchy white chocolate.

T, I, V

722 National Avenue

Ranada's Kitchen

Havana Nights

 ⅓ pound Kentucky Darling beef burger topped with cilantro pesto, smoked tomato salsa, pickled red onion, cotija cheese, blistered Serrano and chili-lime dusted tortilla chip. T, I, O, B

496 East High Street

Stella's Kentucky Deli

Veggie Hot Brown Burger

The vegetarian version of our state's most famous sandwich features a lentil burger topped with grilled tomatoes and creamy, white cheddar Mornay sauce.

T, I, O, B

143 Jefferson Street

Athenian Grill

Greek Hangover Burger

Athenian handmade beef and lamb burger layered with feta cheese, Greek yogurt spread, lettuce, and tomato topped with a saganaki croquette.T, I, O

313 S. Ashland Ave.

Big City Pizza

(Hamburg Only)

The Killer Bee Burger

100% black angus beef patty topped with house pepper jack beer cheese, bacon crumble, and bourbon glaze on a brioche bun. T, I, O, B

2312 Sir Barton Way #110

Drake's - Brannon Crossing

Santa Fe Burger

A fresh, never frozen burger seared with smoky Sriracha-mesquite seasoning, topped with jalapeno-country slaw, creamy guacamole-ranch on a butter-toasted bun. I, 0 

390 East Brannon Road

First Watch 

Broadway, Hamburg, Nicholasville Rd. & Richmond Rd.

The Baja Burger

Lean white-meat turkey patty with avocado, organic mixed greens, housemade pico de gallo, mayo and horseradish Havarti on a brioche bun. T, I, O

1080 S. Broadway, Suite 301

2251 War Admiral Way, Suite 130

119 West Reynolds Rd.

2894 Richmond Rd.


Lexington & Frankfort

The Grazer Burger

Black bean veggie burger with charred scallion aioli. I, O, V

200 Lexington Green Cir. Suite 110 & 109 W Main St, Frankfort, KY

Josanne's Homestyle Kitchen

Jo' Daddy Burger

Single beef patty topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, sauteed onions, Buckhorn Sauce and mayo on a toasted bun. T

3449 Buckhorn Drive, Suite 100

LaRosa's Pizzaria

Richmond Rd. &

Southland Dr.

Cheeseburger Deluxe Pizza

Tastes just like a Deluxe Cheeseburger on a pizza crust - with special burger sauce, ground beef, bacon, roasted onions, pickles, provolone and cheddar cheeses.

Richmond Rd = T, I, D

Southland Dr. = T, D

2890 Richmond Road

115 Southland Drive

The Sage Rabbit

The Smokehouse Burger

5 ounce beef burger topped with smoked gouda, bourbon and coke onions, chipotle bbq sauce. I, O, B

 438 S Ashland Ave

Zim's Cafe

B & B Burger

Local beef burger topped with benedictine, local bacon, tomato and lettuce.

T, I, O, B

215 West Main Street, Suite 25

The Belt Line

All Over The South Burger

Beef smash patty topped with a fried green tomato, spicy pimento cheese, creole mustard, and deviled remoulade.

I, O, B

808 N Limestone #1

BRU Burger

Big Blue Burger

4 ounce beef patty topped with white cheddar, habanero blueberry bacon relish, lettuce and blueberry aioli.

I, O, B

3010 Lakecrest Circle

Drake's - Hamburg

The Big Easy Burger

 A fresh never frozen blackened Cajun burger loaded with smoked ham, provolone cheese, olive relish, lettuce, and Remoulade sauce on a butter-toasted roll. I, 0 

1880 Pleasant Ridge Drive

Goodwood Frankfort

Smoking Tomato Burger

Beef burger patty topped with house made tomato bacon jam, lettuce, pickles, smoked gouda and chipotle lime mayo. T, I, O, V

109 W Main St, Frankfort, KY 40601

Harry's - Hamburg

Southern Comfort Burger

A fresh, never frozen burger seasoned and seared with Old Bay, topped with creamy pimento cheese, fresh toppings and mayonnaise on a butter-toasted bun. I, O

1920 Pleasant Ridge Drive

Josanne's Homestyle Kitchen

Southern Love Burger

Single beef patty topped with cajun deep fried turkey, fried green tomato, American cheese, and sweet potato mayo on a toasted bun. T 

3449 Buckhorn Drive, Suite 100

Mi Pequena Hacienda

Lansdowne & 

Brannon Crossing

Fundido Burger

Beef patty topped with chorizo, grilled onions, jalapenos and spicy queso served on a toasted bun. 

Brannon Crossing = T, I

Lansdowne = T, I, O

110 Cynthia Drive

(Brannon Crossing)

3501 Lansdowne Drive

Stella's Kentucky Deli

Hot Brown Burger

The burger version of our state's most famous sandwich features a quarter pound of Kentucky beef topped with grilled tomatoes, local turkey, chopped bacon and creamy, white cheddar Mornay sauce.

T, I, O, B, V

143 Jefferson Street

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